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Briefly about Duf Tap Studio

Studio's history began in spring of 1992, when dance company American Tap Dance Orchestra visited Tallinn. Among participators of this fabulous group was Barbara Duffy. It was she, who invited Alexander to upgrade his dance qualities in NewYork tap dance schools. Tap dance school Woodpecker's Tap Dance Center, which is like an alma mater to Alexander welcomed him, and helped to settle in the environment of an unknown country. Alexander is very grateful to the whole school staff: Brenda Buffalino, Tony Waag, Margaret Morrison and other teachers and dancers, who helped him back then. His main teacher became Barbara Duffy, who Alexander's tap dance studio is named after.

The studio was established in 1993. During fourteen years the studio developed actively, all the time participating in different concerts and contests either in Estonia or abroad and now tap isn't an alien, confusing and unknown art. Every year, during many years already, the studio gives concerts “Jazz and Tap”, dedicated to the International Tap Day, which is celebrated on May 25 around the world. During different years, musicians and dancers from the USA, Russia, Finland, Austria, France and even Japan took part in these annual concerts. The live jazz and the best dancers in the World are performing during these concerts.

"Duff Tap Studio"`s students participated in masterclasses and festival programs in Helsinki, Moscow and New York. The most remarkable achievements can be named: taking part and first prize winning on the International Moscow Tap Festival in years 1996, 1999, 2000 and in Berlin 2005, participation in professional musical “No, no, Nanette!” in Estonia Alexander's students are highly appreciated by specialists and professional dancers, remarking that during time children dance in the studio, they achieved a lot and grew up as artists.