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From the 21st till the 27th of March 2006 Duff Tap Studio was on tour in Kaliningrad

Reviews from Kaliningrad about Duff Tap Studio

"I haven’t seen this group before and it is amazing. We’ll do our best to let people know about you, because, unfortunately not everyone in the city was informed about your arrival here".

"To tell the truth, I haven’t even thought that tap is able to impart so many emotions. Guys are very artistic, and this is, of course, their teacher`s merit. We have received the charge of positive energy for long hours".

"We haven’t seen such high-level company here. It gives a lot of pleasure to watch this show. We`d like everything to be as impressive as the artist have shown. The workshop was a great opportunity to learn the hornbook of tap dance".

"This group has its own "artistic handwriting" and great potential. Duff Tap Studio is a product of Alexander Ivashkevich`s labor and we were happy to see it. The synthesis of music, dance, and emotions has made a great impression upon the audience".

"You restore tap dance to live".