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Mari Fujibayashi is from Kyoto, Japan, and is the first tap artist to have been awarded a grant from the Japanese government for artistic studies abroad. In New York City Mari has performed with the American Tap Dance Orchestra, Tap Express, the World Rhythm Ensemble, Manhattan Tap and tap legends Buster Brown, Jimmy Slide and Brenda Buffalino. In Japan, Mari has done solo work in collaboration with jazz musicians and actors and performed at Dance and Jazz Festivals, clubs and theaters. A featured tap dancer and singer in various children shows, Mari also gave a series of lectures on tap for educational programmes in theatres and on RCV, a TV cable channel broadcast in Japan. Mari is an award winning organ player with a BAC in music, a published composer (Yamaha textbook) and a music teacher. Mari writes vocal arrangements for Tapage. In New York Mari has taught tap at Steps, Woodpeckers and sh ehas been a guest teacher/choreographer in the US, Germany, Russia, Finland and Japan.