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17.07.07 The New York Times "Tap-Tap-Tapping Out a Message of Style, Not Just Skill"
7.07.06 The New York Times "International Dancers Mix Their Traditions Into American Tap"
26.06-2.07.01 The Village Voice "Trading on the tap floor"
13.07.02 The New York Times "Dance review; sometimes those tapping feet are hands"
21.04.06 Molodyezh Estonii "The Tour to Russia of Ivashkevich`s Dancers" translated from Russian
25.04.03 Molodyezh Estonii "Music of The Feet" translated from Russian
??.??.?? Den za Dnyom "You Can`t Dance Without a Smile" translated from Russian
16.04.03 Molodyezh Estonii "Broadway in Estonia" translated from Russian